Equipment Used

CENMAC loan equipment, as well as make recommendations, and below is a sample of communication, computer access and software equipment.


small switch device
scanning pen
large top and large mouse
Go Talk AAC device

Little Step by Step  or LITTLEMack Switch: For pre recorded messages, allows a series of messages which the user can step through in sequence. Theoretically there can be up to 45 messages totalling 2 minutes. These switches also come with levels allowing up to three different categories of messages.

Scanning Pens: A portable, pocket sixed device which reads text out loud in English, French and Spanish. It has a Dictionary function as well as a voice recorder and can scan text straight into a word document via USB cable.

Joystick Mouse: Control the mouse on screen via a joy stick and use buttons to left, right click and a latching drag lock button. We use an extensive range of joy stick controls or trackerballs.

Go Talk: A battery operated speech output device with carry handle. This comes in different sizes Pocket, 4+, 9+ and 20+ . This is great introduction to a communication device with different layers and a selection of core words on each layer.

Computer Access

eye gaze
big keyboard
AAC device

Eye gaze: This allows the user to use their eyes as the computer mouse. It will require additional software and can allow users from early cause and effect to full computer control.

Big Keys Keyboard: We use a range of different keyboards from extra large to small and wireless. Big Keys keyboards come in lower and uppercase and high visibility.

AAC Device: We use an extensive range of communication devices and software for  Communication depending on the particular needs and strengths of the individual.