Thinking Ahead around Exam Access by Maureen De Longhi (CENMAC Advisory Teacher)

Thinking Ahead Around Exam Access
Thinking Ahead Around Exam Access led by Maureen De Longhi

Date of recording: Thursday 29 Sept 2022 (30 mins)

“During exams, organising access arrangements can be difficult. Throw Assistive Technology into the mix and there is the potential for some students to miss out on arrangements that may better support their needs, because their teachers are either unaware of what assistive technologies are available or unsure of whether they would contravene the rules.”

This session:

Outlines the role of AT to improve the ability of students to communicate, learn and achieve as a usual way of working and explore some of the technology available.

Looks at JCQ guidance to schools and colleges with regard to the use of assistive technology for access arrangements and identify the key points.

Considers how to make the necessary applications to enable students to use AT in exams.

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