Animation Project #1

With Southwark Park Primary School and Rainbow Collective


This project was originally created to bring CENMAC students together for a creative project in a live space. However, lockdown changed everything and the workshop was moved online.

So thanks to Rainbow Collective for making this project work online. To get ideas flowing the students had an inspiriting masterclass from Shareefa Eneragy, a multi-talented spoken word poet, writer, mentor and workshop facilitator. The girls then produced their own poem, which they went on to use as narration in their final animation. Myzat and Regina have taken their experiences and thoughts from COVID-19 and created a fantastic animation to share their message.

A huge thank you to Ruchard and Hannan from the Rainbow Collective in adapting the project to a virtual space. We hope this is the first of many online workshops in which we can bring young people together to share their experiences, especially those using alternative communication and assistive  technologies.

Cover of newsletter with sign School Closed

Read our July 2020 newsletter to hear from students about their home learning experiences during lockdown.

Home Learning

Khamani’s View on Home Learning

The BETT show this year has created a new award ‘The COVID-Response Award’ which we are applying to with the submission of a film created by one of our very talented students. 

Our two-minute film submission comes from one of our students Khamani. He has done such a brilliant job of summing up the importance of his technology and demonstrating the opportunities the right hardware and software can give students, especially those with additional needs, that we decided to use his film in its entirety, with no other commentary needed. Our application for this award also gives him the platform to showcase his talents, skills and abilities. Khamani is one story of many students we support from nursery through to college education.