Research – teaching literacy
to pupils with complex communication needs

CENMAC has joined the special advisory group for the Communication Trust on the effective teaching of literacy to pupils with complex communication needs. Such an important piece of research which in partnership with Janice Murray at the Manchester Metropolitan University will report findings back to the department of education.

If you work supporting / teaching young people using AAC you could click the below survey link and complete the questionnaire to pass on your experiences. Thank you in advance.

Fill in The Communication Trust’s new survey on teaching pupils who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication!
This year The Communication Trust has been funded by the Department for Education to conduct a research project on the effective teaching of literacy for pupils who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

Part of the project is a national survey around practices and experiences for anyone who works with a child or young person using AAC and has been involved in supporting their literacy skills. We would be very grateful if you could fill it in and pass it on to anyone who works with children and young people who use AAC.

The deadline for completing the survey is the 21st of December 2017

The wider project will involve a review of the existing research literature, conducted by Professor Janice Murray of Manchester Metropolitan University, as well as consultation with practitioners and service providers about current practice. The Trust will be working with an advisory group of people who work directly with this population of children and young people, such as senior leaders and staff of both special and mainstream schools, and those working in service delivery organisations. The project will result in a resource for practitioners.

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