Image of student in wheelchair looking at screen
Case study image of girl in wheelchair
Child with a assistive technology device

Access via Head Mouse Nano

Cenmac has facilitated Hicham’s use of a variety of technology. He has been provided with a Surface Pro and a Head Mouse Nano with Dwell software, which he states has been extremely useful ‘for classroom learning, especially independent living skills, like typing, finding information and to skype, message friends via email and to communicate with teachers and other staff at school’.

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Using Eye Gaze

Myzat was referred to CENMAC aged 4 when she was in reception in a mainstream school. She has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 and is ventilator dependant. At the time of the assessment, she was loaned a laptop with switch access to Clicker 7 and put on the waiting list for a CENMAC eye gaze device. Her degenerative condition meant that she was already finding it difficult to use the switch, and this could only get worse as she got older.

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Literacy support with an iPad

CENMAC has been the key in Rodney’s progress for the past two years. They provide amazing modern technology for Rodney to be independent and confident in his school life. The skills that he is learning now will help him progress through his school journey and beyond.

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Case study image of girl with laptop
Case study graphic with AT device

Literacy Support using a tablet computer

The laptop has helped me in many ways: ‘Being able to type my work up neatly. Save my work in one place. Write on it quickly and if I make any mistakes I can edit the work, presenting it neatly.

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Accessing the curriculum

After a joint assessment, it was agreed that student O would use the CoWriter 7 word prediction software to support written recording and a Prodigi Connect 12 electronic magnifier. This device allows student O to capture images, magnify documents and have text read aloud using the text-to-speech function.

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