Referring a pupil to CENMAC?

  • Permission must be sought from the pupil’s home LA for funding before CENMAC can assess a pupil so think of this as a “grant” application – give as much information as you can. It will help the LA make a decision and CENMAC to arrive at the assessment well informed.
  • Your completed form is sent to the LA as part of the request for funding so what you say is important.
  • Please explain the difficulties the pupil is having and let us know what has already been tried.
  • Remember CENMAC is an advice and support service and not just a loan library.
  • Complete the form as fully as possible. It may mean asking others for information to complete all questions.
  • Make sure that the supporting information requested (handwriting/drawing sample, IEP, OT, SALT, VI, or HI reports as applicable) are included with the form. If any of the above are inappropriate please say so on the form.
  • You can now complete the form online – Referral Form
  • Ensure that it is signed by your Headteacher.
  • Ensure that the Ethnic Background Monitoring Information sheet is completed.

Once permission to assess has been obtained, the Advisory Teacher will contact school and arrange an appointment to carry out the assessment. Any adult working with the pupil is welcome to attend the assessment.

If you have any questions about the referral you wish to make or the referral procedure please do not hesitate to contact CENMAC on 020 8854 1019 or


Ethnic Monitoring

We are now obliged to record the ethnic background of pupils supported by CENMAC and the following information must be completed before we can process the application.

This information should already have been given to school by the parent or child and be held on your records.

This page will be detached from the remainder of the form before being passed to the LA to seek their agreement to funding.

Please tick one box only to indicate the ethnic background of the pupil or child named below. Please also tick whether the form was filled in by a parent, pupil or school.