Text by Frances Johnstone
Director and Principal Speech and Language Therapist, Therapy Links  UK


The team is flexible, responsive and highly knowledgeable and skilled.


My experience of CENMAC


Here is a little summary of my experience of CENMAC services over the past few years:

I’ve worked in London as a speech and language therapist for 20 years and have worked on and off with CENMAC during this time. The service has changed significantly in recent years and the value that it now delivers to students, staff, parents and professionals is second to none.

The fact that CENMAC now has a diverse group of professional advisors has made a huge difference to the services offered – the addition of a speech & language therapist to the team for example, means that the technology to support communication is so much more functional, appropriate and relevant. The other team members allow more specialised and nuanced advice than has been possible previously. The team always works well collaboratively with those involved with students on a day-to-day basis to make sure that advice, equipment, software and training is going to meet individual student needs. The team is flexible, responsive and highly knowledgeable and skilled.

The value that they bring and the impact that the service has on our individual student’s progress has been fantastic to watch and be a part of. Their input has also allowed us to demonstrate to the Assistive Communication Services what our students are really capable of when provided with the right AAC support, therefore meaning that referrals are more likely to be accepted and the students better supported into adulthood. A fantastic service that we couldn’t do without!