What Users Say About CENMAC

During my ‘A’ levels I had great difficulties writing quickly and legibly in exams and would not have been able to achieve the grades I did without the equipment provided by CENMAC such as the laptop and the iPad. I have progressed on to do a Foundation in photography and am starting a degree in photography in September.
– R.A


CENMAC visited me early in my Primary school career with a view to increasing my independence in the classroom, I had to rely on teaching assistants to complete all written work due to a lack of handwriting skills. Consequently it was decided a personal computer would provide a breakthrough in my ability to complete work independently.

Through negotiations with CENMAC, and via the CAP scheme, it was decided that a tablet PC with adaptive keyboard would be most suitable to meet my needs in terms of accessibility and work requirements.

This was an important development as it encouraged me to work independently. It also gave me confidence to work with assistive technology which was increasingly important as I moved up the school, for example, working independently in the library during free periods. This also paid dividends during my University career where the focus was on independent learning.
– Michael A


CENMAC has helped me greatly throughout my primary, secondary and sixth form. They have enabled me to do the best work I can unhindered by my dyspraxia. Without their support I would have had many extra challenges completing work and getting to where I am now in my academic career.
– J G April


Just wanted to say the workshop today on Clicker was brilliant. Very informative and Kevin was, as always, superb. My manager has asked me to do a presentation of the workshop in our department briefing tonight so I will be suggesting we purchase a number of licences for it. Thank you again for your assistance.
– Feedback after a CENMAC Clicker training course.