SEND and Inclusion at LGfL

What is LGfL?
LGfL is a charitable trust and community of schools and local authorities committed to using technology to enhance teaching & learning. 96% of London schools receive their internet access and additional services through LGfL, and have access to a huge range of inclusive, online learning resources at no further cost.

1. How can LGfL and TRUSTnet support learners with SEND?

LGfL has a dedicated team which is committed to supporting learners with SEND. The team help procure, create, curate and commission inclusive resources and there is now a large bank of materials available for LGfL school staff, learners and parents/carers to access at no extra cost.

2. What resources are available through LGfL and TRUSTnet?

They have a huge range of inclusive materials available. Our SEND resources include:

• Busy Things – cross curricular, high multisensory cross curricular resources –
• WordQ SpeakQ, a powerful literacy toolbar, to support learners write to their full potential –
• 15,000 Widgit symbols and worksheets –
• the Audio Network music database of over 70,000 music tracks which can be searched by mood and atmosphere –
• Look Think Do, social stories and skills resources for primary learners –
• Employability and Thinking Skills for Life by AXIS Education- and
• the award winning Fairytales and Early Shakespeare from SEN Assist – and
• Busy Things – cross curricular, high multisensory cross curricular resources –
• J2E, Inclusive Resources from Nick Wonham (The Bridge) and more

For more details, please go to and email to join the monthly newsletter. The resources can be accessed on an LGfL connection without a username and password. They can also be viewed using your USO username and password when outside an LGfl connected building.