CENMAC has established partnerships with a number of  developers and organisations involved in Assistive Technology and communication. This allows us to keep up-to-date with new products and to have the latest information on strategies for using them. We can also actively support policy and implementation. 

Our equipment bank allows us to demonstrate hardware resources to schools, therapists, students and parents. We use a wide range of software programs and apps and we are able to advise on how they can be used to meet individual students needs and on how schools can implement them more widely.


The Assistive and Augmentative Communication Special Interest Group is an organisation under the auspices of the Royal College of Speech Therapists. It meets three times a year to hold study days around various aspects of the subject. Ann Middleton is a member of the committee. See www.aacsig.org.uk for further details.

BATA – British Assistive Technology Association

CENMAC are members of BATA and support the aims of this valuable organisation. They aim:

To campaign for the rights and interests of those needing Assistive Technology.
To provide expert and impartial support and advice to government departments and agencies.
To educate and inform widely on the benefits of Assistive Technology.
To promote British Assistive Technology products and expertise at home and overseas.
To develop the professionalism of those working with Assistive Technology through codes of practice, education, qualifications, accreditation, certification and networking.


Clicker Education Partner

CENMAC is a Clicker Education Partner. We have links with the software publisher Crick Software to ensure that we receive training on the latest products and are consulted on new developments. We run frequent training courses on Clicker software. We also give advice and guidance on the use of the Clicker Writer app and the DocsPlus program.
Further details of resources from Crick Software can be found at www.cricksoft.com

Council for Disabled Children

We want disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs to have full and happy childhoods, to fulfil their potential, and be active within the community. And we want parents of disabled children to be parents first – living ordinary lives.
Who we are
The Council for Disabled Children is part of the National Children’s Bureau family. We are the umbrella body for the disabled children’s sector with a membership of over 300 voluntary and community organisations and an active network of practitioners that spans education, health and social care.

As a membership body we provide a collective voice that champions the rights of children, young people and their families and challenges barriers to inclusion.

As a collective we believe that the views of disabled children and young people are vital to the development of an inclusive society and that they have the right to be heard and actively participate in decisions that affect them.

We believe that every child and young person should enjoy the same rights and opportunities and that every aspect of society should be fully inclusive to disabled children and young people.

Find out more: https://councilfordisabledchildren.org.uk/

Sensory Guru

CENMAC is a Sensory Guru Partner and our team is helping with the implementation of the Sensory Guru product Magic Room at Charlton Park Academy.

Find out more: https://sensoryguru.com/ 


Sibs exists to support people who grow up with or have grown up with a disabled brother or sister. It is the only UK charity representing the needs of over half a million young siblings and over one and a half million adult siblings.

Find out more about Sibs: https://www.sibs.org.uk/

Widgit Centre

CENMAC is a Widgit Centre. This makes us part of a network of organisations based around the country who offer advice and support on products from Widgit Software. We can demonstrate and offer guidance and training on the In Print 3 and Symwriter 2 programs. We also give general advice on using symbols to support communication and access to the curriculum.
Information about products from Widgit Software can be found at www.widgit.com