RIX Wikis for CENMAC students

The RIX Wiki is a multimedia toolkit to empower every student, no matter their abilities, a voice/tool to share their needs, thoughts, abilities, skills, aspirations, hopes and dreams – Multimedia self-advocacy.


What is A RIX Wiki?

A wiki is a person-specific interactive website for the students themselves and everyone involved in their care and education to share information. It is a secure, password protected web-based tool which can include video, images text, documents and audio files. These will be lifelong tools which will eventually be owned by the student and their family. Secure logins are created and only invited individuals via email will be able to access the sites of just particular areas.

Provided by The Rix Research and Media – East London www.rixmedia.org

RIX Wiki

RIX Wiki on an iPad

Benefits of RIX Wikis

CENMAC students using RIX Wikis will be able to share how best to support their implementation of technology and what they would like to achieve with the various assistive technology tools.

The Wikis support multi-disciplinary working and bring everyone together including families, professionals and school staff to coordinate the priorities and aspirations of the individual.

The Wikis are an effective tool for developing self-advocacy skills, especially for those who are non-speaking to have a voice at Annual Review meetings or at times when decisions are being made. To be able to support communication between home and school and during times of transition.

They are ideal for showing progress and achievements and will be particularly important to demonstrate the progress which then qualifies an application to the Augmentative and Alternative communication (AAC) hub.

Student and teacher using a RIX Wiki person-specific interactive website to support communication

Student and teacher using a RIX Wiki (password protected person-specific interactive website) to share information with the team supporting the student.

Quotes from a carer

Quotes from a carer whose child has recently been involved in developing a wiki:

For my child it means people understand him better

It is much easier for people involved in my child’s care to understand him with a short period of time. You don’t have to read reams of files before you get to know my child.

It also helped me to find out more about my child’s school life.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like further information please contact your child/young person’s CENMAC advisory team member.

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Multimedia Advocacy Short Course

This 2 hour introductory course ‘Multimedia Advocacy: Making plans with people with learning disabilities‘ from OpenLearn introduces the principles of Multimedia Advocacy and its underlying theory.

The course learning outcomes include:

  • Explain the principles and values underpinning self-advocacy.
  • Understand what communication is and how Multimedia Advocacy aids communication.
  • Understand the process of and methods used in a Multimedia Advocacy approach.
  • Understand the issues of representation and their relevance to multimedia self-advocacy.
  • Know how to create a RIX Wiki and add multimedia.
  • Understand the various functions that a RIX Wiki could perform.
  • Understand the issues of consent, privacy and security.

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