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Accessible Reading: Free webinar series

Accessible Reading: Simple steps for students with vision impairments to read and learn on any device

Date: Oct 12, 2023        Time: 13:00 to 13.45 (GMT)

Students with vision impairments can access learning through assistive technology. It removes barriers to learning and promotes equality in classrooms and in education as a whole.

If you support students in the UK who are blind or partially sighted, we invite you to join this free webinar to learn how accessible textbooks enhance learning.

In this webinar, Mary Long from CENMAC takes you through some practical steps to help students with vision impairments read and learn independently, using assistive technology.

You will explore how to use the RNIB Bookshare Education Collection to provide accessible textbooks for students who are visually impaired, along with the different ways these books can be read, using technology such as EasyReader App.

This webinar will introduce EasyReader Premium, and show you how this enables students to read textbooks and other learning material in ways that are accessible for them.

Exclusive Offer
Educators attending this webinar are entitled to an extended 60-day trial of the EasyReader Premium Education service.

This webinar is recommended for all teaching staff and student support teams in UK primary, secondary further and higher education, including: Teachers, SENDCOs, Teaching Assistants, – Lecturers, QTVIs, Disability Advisory Service teams

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Crick Software  

Crick webinar schedule for September to November 2023

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Inclusive Technology 

A range of topics around assistive technology.

Call Scotland 

A range of topics around Communication,  Access, Literacy and Learning.