When we provide equipment to pupils we often provide software and applications which also support the assistive technology and access for the young person. Here we will provide more information about these different applications.

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First Keys

Clicker 7: This is a literacy support package with a variety of tools. It has a word processor with features including speech feedback, talking spell checker, word prediction, Voice Notes and picture support. 

DocsPlus: Support for writing through speech feedback, word prediction, word banks and writing frames.

Dragon: Dragon Professional is a voice recognition program that allows users to transcribe speech into text. 

Setting up Dragon ver.15
Dragon Commands
Dragon Professional 15:
Correcting and Training

Adding and deleting vocabulary in Dragon

Dwell Clicker 2 is a Windows application that allows you to use a mouse or other pointing device without clicking buttons.

First Keys: The latest version of the popular First Keys program; a friendly introduction to the keyboard that uses speech, phonics and the Widgit Symbols in colourful and engaging missing-letter exercises to teach literacy skills.

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Grid Player 3: Grid Player is an app that allows vocabulary sets created in Grid 3 to be accessed on an iPad. The resources cannot be edited on the iPad. 


InPrint 3: InPrint is desktop publishing program that enables the production of symbol-supported resources for communication and curriculum access. 

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Inspiration: This software provides several visual thinking and learning products for the K–12 education and business markets.

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PCBY Voice: PCBYVOICE is voice activation software.


Penfriend: This is a word prediction program with a screen reader, text magnification and on-screen keyboards. 

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Sonocent produces Audio Notetaker, desktop software that turns audio into visual blocks; notes can then be structured using colored highlighting, and combined with images and text notes.


A revolutionary word-finding & literacy tool designed for individuals with Specific Learning Differences.