Text Size

Use your browser’s Text Size or Zoom option if you would like to increase or decrease the size of text on the website. Further information can be found in your browser’s help files. The most recent version of Microsoft Edge and the most recent version of Firefox both provide a significantly improved zoom feature over older versions.

Firefox / Microsoft Edge

You can zoom in and out of the pages on this site by holding CTRL while scrolling your mouse wheel. Alternatively you can use CTRL and +/- to zoom in and out.

Access Keys (for quick navigation)

Access keys allow you to navigate the site quickly. They follow standard practice of using numbers for menu items and then a few special access keys designed primarily for screenreader users. To use an access key press and hold ALT (Windows) or CTRL (Mac) and any of the following keys:

  • 0 = Home
  • 1 = Latest News
  • 2 = Training
  • 3 = Helpsheets
  • 4 = Links
  • 5 = Contact
  • 6 = Assessment
  • 7 = Skip to content (on any page)
  • 8 = Skip to submenu (on any page)
  • 9 = Sitemap

Depending on your browser you may need to press Enter to activate the link you have selected.