Abdi Omar is an inspirational speaker and works for CENMAC as an AAC Consultant. Abdi has cerebral palsy and is unable to speak in the usual way. He uses power based AAC to communicate.

Abdi understands the challenges that come with learning to use AAC, so he is a great role model and a wonderful advocate for the opportunities that being an AAC user can have.

Abdi mentors many other AAC users motiving them with fun and engaging activities.

Watch Abdi’s Top Tips for AAC awareness video and download the posters below.

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Abdi Omar's Top Tips for AAC Awareness

Abdi Omar’s Top Tips for AAC Awareness Video

Abdi Omar’s Top Tips for AAC Awareness Posters

Top Tip 1

Let your students have their communication aid as much as possible. Living without a voice is very difficult to live with.

> Download Top Tip 1 Poster

Top Tip 2

Let your students explore their communication aids. Practice will help.

> Download Top Tip 2 Poster

Top Tip 3

Have patience when working with communication aid beginners. Making mistakes is good. It means they are trying.

> Download Top Tip 3 Poster

Top Tip 4

Do you talk to people behind them? No! Always stand where an AAC user can see you (in front or beside).

> Download Top Tip 4 Poster

Top Tip 5

When working with an advanced AAC user push them! You must think beyond school.

> Download Top Tip 5 Poster

Top Tip 6

Everyone has bad days sometimes. Don’t force an AAC user to use their device. Try doing what they like.

> Download Top Tip 6 Poster

Top Tip 7

It’s your mission to bring out your students’ best so sometimes you must think creatively.

> Download Top Tip 7 Poster

Top Tip 8

Try every AAC device possible as what might work for one student might not work for another.

> Download Top Tip 8 Poster

Top Tip 9

Believe in your students and they will feel ore confident in class.

> Download Top Tip 9 Poster

Top Tip 10

Don’t be afraid to push your AAC students as they could have countless abilities.

> Download Top Tip 10 Poster


Abdi Omar’s 10 Top Tips for AAC Awareness

All of Abdi Omar’s Top Tips on one poster!

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Abdi Omar's Top 10 Tips for AAC Awareness
Abdi Omar's Top Tips for AAC Awareness 1 and 2
Abdi Omar's Top Tips for AAC Awareness 3 and 4
Abdi Omar's Top Tips for AAC Awareness 5 and 6
Abdi Omar's Top Tips for AAC Awareness 7 and 8
Abdi Omar's Top Tips for AAC Awareness 9 and 10