AAC Resources including books, communication and assistive technology companies plus downloads.


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Eye Can Write
Like water flowing through a watermill the Holy Spirit enables us to be used as God intended and so he gives me the courage to speak up for the voiceless, changing perceptions and prejudices through my charity Teach Us Too and my book Eye Can Write.


Ghost boy 

‘Ghost Boy’ is the raw and emotional memoir of Martin Pistorius, who was misdiagnosed when he fell ill as a preteen and had to endure the next ten years of his life trapped inside his own body and not knowing if things would ever change for him.


Author Lillie-Ann

Lillie-Ann has an ambition: to write a book. Our English Advisory Teacher’s role is to facilitate that. In fact, at there first meeting, she informed her that she had a series of seven books up her sleeve! Read several of her chapters:

Sweet Home Alsager
This audio is a memoir about a young man leaving home to go to university. It is the beginning of his independence as a young man who has cerebral palsy and uses a communication device. 


Project Core
Commtap Communication Activities
Help Kidz Learn

1000 Londoners – Matt #183
Each week, a profile of a Londoner is posted on the home page. The profile contains a 3 minute film that gives an insight into the life of the Londoner, as well as their own personal photos of London and some answers to crucial questions about their views on London life.

Project Core

Full of resources and information in implementing universal core vocabulary throughout learning, specifically for those with significant disabilities who do not yet use speech, signs or symbols to communicate in flexible ways.


Communication activities and resources organised into helpful categories and educational phases. Also available is the symboliser for PowerPoint. Support for Speech therapists but also parents, carers, teachers and school support staff.


HKL – helpkidzlearn 

A range of interactive activities which are highly motivating and engaging for emergent communicators and for developing early literacy skills. A account can be created to access 10 free resources.


AAC Language lab
Dynamic Learning Maps
Crick Software

AAC Language Lab

The AAC Language Lab offers lesson plans, activities and a range of resources for teaching and supporting literacy for AAC users. Some resources are free but you can purchase an annual membership for £19.95.


Dynamic Learning Maps Professional Development

Website specifically for the Professional development learning modules for dynamic learning maps. Easy to set up and access modules individually or for group facilitated modules.


Widgit offer a range of resources to support literacy development, some free but if you are a LGFL school then all these resources are available on their website for free.


Crick Software

Brilliant software to support all levels of learners with literacy and recording ideas. When you purchase their software you get access to hundreds of free ready made resources to support literacy in particular.


The Communication Trust
Literacy Instruction for Students with Significant Disabilities
UNC School of Medicine Allied Health Sciences
Call Scotland

The Communication Trust

Alternative Paths to Literacy: literacy for children and young people who use AAC.


Literacy for all Instruction

Literacy instruction and information for learners with significant disabilities. Very useful information on old assumptions and the new ways of thinking.


Centre for Literacy and Disability Studies

Centre for literacy and disability studies. Great links here to a range of resources, teaching techniques and information on teaching literacy.


Call Scotland 

Communication, Access, Literacy and Learning service for students across Scotland. Both Call Scotland and the AAC Scotland have extensive resources which relate to assistive technology.

www.callscotland.org.uk | www.aacscotland.org.uk

Teacher Resources

LGFL – London Grid for Learning

If you are in London and are a LGFL school, then you have access to the most amazing range of SEND resources for supporting teaching and learning.