CENMAC Loan Equipment

CENMAC loans assistive technology and makes recommendations about the technology we believe will be most appropriate to suit each individual student. Below are examples of communication, computer access and inclusive equipment.

Assessment Kit

We are pleased to have available in our assessment library the DriveDeck by Smile Smart Technology and Ability Drive by Rahana to trial eye gaze technology for wheelchair control.

DriveDeck by Smile Smart Technology

This unique training and assessment device allows an individual to remain in the comfort of their personal seating to be assessed, or train in switching and control use. Programmed for each user to reflect ability levels, it is a highly effective and adaptable teaching tool particularly for switch training, which is so vital for computer and internet access today.
Drivedeck by Smile Smart Technology is a motivational tool for SEND schools and rehabilitation clinics.

Ability Drive by Rahana

Ability Drive by Rahana Life allows users who are not able to use a joystick to drive their powered wheelchair with their eyes.
Ability Drive is a control system that enables the user to drive powered wheelchair with their eyes, using eye gaze technology. Typical users may be people with Motor Neurone Disease, Muscular Dystrophy or Cerebral Palsy.


A selection of switches

We use a range of Switches to aid communication, allowing the user to record a message or series of messages, with levels allowing for different categories. These include but are not limited to:

We provide iPads and iPad Pros with an extensive range of apps and software to aid communication and access.

Go Talk is a battery operated speech output device with carry handle. They come in different sizes Pocket, 4+, 9+, 20+ and 32+.

This is great introduction to a communication device with different layers and a selection of core words on each layer.

The VoiceAid – Voice Amplifier Kit is designed for people with dysphonic, hypophonic, and other conditions resulting in damage to vocal cords. It assists by enhancing even the faintest of voices, preventing strain on the voice box and will maintain volume and clarity with minimal effort required by the user.

A selection of Smartbox devices
Liberator devices
A selection of Jabbla devices
Tobii Dynavox devices

We use a range of Smartbox communication aids developed to help disabled people to communicate and be independent.

We use a range of Liberator devices in order to enable non-verbal individuals the opportunity to communicate spontaneously.

We use a range of Jabbla UK devices dedicated to helping people with little or no clear speech communicate more effectively.

We use a range of Tobii Dynavox devices for individuals with disabilities and special needs who require AAC.

Logan ProxPad device

The Logan ProxPad is a powerful device which enables communication for a wide range of users. The unique Touch or Swipe action on the ProxPAD makes communication easy for children and adults with speech and language difficulties. Young children who are still developing their language skills, as well as users who have limited hand function can all benefit from using the ProxPAD.

Ipevo visualiser

IPEVO represents a whole new approach to classroom technology, designing its visualisers as versatile, lightweight, and easy-to-use tools.

These tools, together with IPEVO software applications, enable educators and professionals to co-create, teach, and work remotely in a more intuitive, efficient, and convenient manner.

Take a look at the IPEVO brochure here.

Computer Access

Eye Gaze
A selection of switches
Stands and mounts

Eye gaze: This allows the user to use their eyes as the computer mouse. It will require additional software and can allow users from early cause and effect to full computer control.

Big Keys Keyboard: We use a range of different keyboards from extra large to small and wireless. Big Keys keyboards come in lower and uppercase and high visibility.

We use a range of  Switches in various shapes and sizes to aid computer access. These include but are not limited to;

We use a range of mounts and stands to attach equipment to tables, the floor, wheelchairs and wheelchair tables to allow easy and comfortable access for the user.

Joystick Mouse and Trackerball
A selection of adapted mice

Joystick Mouse and Trackerballs: Control the mouse on screen via a joy stick and use buttons to left, right click and a latching drag lock button. We use an extensive range of joy stick controls or trackerballs.

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NaturalPoint’s SmartNav 4 is a reliable and accurate, hands-free mouse alternative that allows complete control of a computer by naturally moving the head.

We use a range of adapted mice to aid computer access. These include but are not limited to;


Scanning Pen
RNIB PenFriend 3
Prodigi Connect 12
No Isolation Robot

Scanning Pens: A portable, pocket sixed device which reads text out loud in English, French and Spanish. It has a Dictionary function as well as a voice recorder and can scan text straight into a word document via USB cable.

The RNIB PenFriend3 allows the user to use their voice to record labels for a range of items around your home, at school or at work. The RNIB PenFriend 3 is easy to use and can store up to 250 hours of recordings.

The Prodigi Connect 12 is a powerful tool for low-vision users. It combines a high-performance digital magnifier with the versatility of a tablet, allows ease of use and integrated access to newspapers or magazines from online libraries and can be used at home, at work, in education or on the go.

No Isolation’s AV1 robot is a distance learning avatar that makes it possible for children and young adults with long-term illness to take part at school via an app on their phone or tablet.

A set of Cosmo switches
Microsoft Surface Pro laptop
OrCam Learn
Stix mindfulness

Cosmo is an award-winning system that changes the way that early years learners and young people with SEN train their physical, cognitive and communication skills. It has 14+ activities designed by teachers, and occupational, physical and speech & language therapists.

We provide computers, including Microsoft Surface Pros and Lenovo Thinkpads, with a range of software to aid access to the curriculum.

OrCam Learn is tailored for students in the classroom facing reading and learning challenges, including Dyslexia and ADHD.

It offers interactive and personalized AI support, reads text out loud for improved accessibility, and assists with reading fluency and accuracy, translation from English, dictionary usage, and comprehension.

The Stix Remotes are a sensory product designed to provide families with the tools to support and maintain their mental wellbeing.

Audio instructions combined with sensory feedback guide children through activities that teach mental health coping strategies that children enjoy playing.