AAC Resources – Apps & Core Words

Below are some great paper based AAC apps and core word boards.

Supporting AAC Apps

These resources can be used as a backup if the AAC device is not available or to introduce and teach language to AAC users.

Quick Communication Boards – AssistiveWare 

Create quick communication boards based on AssitiveWare’s Proloquo2Go Crescendo vocabulary

Layout: Crescendo

Vocabulary: Core + Fringe

Symbols: SymbolStix

Core First Communication Books – Tobii Dynavox UK

A simplified, low-tech version of the Core First page set from Tobii Dynavox’s Snap Core First app.

Layout: 6×6, 7×9

Vocabulary: Core + Fringe

Symbols: PCS

Low Tech Super Core resources – Smartbox

Printable boards designed to be used alongside the full Super Core vocabulary in Grid.

Layout: Super Core 30, Super Core 50, Super Core Learning grids

Vocabulary: Core + Fringe

Symbols: PCS, SymbolStix, Widgit

Low-tech Support Books | Liberator Ltd

A selection of Low-tech Support Books for Liberator’s popular AAC Vocabularies.

Layout: easyChat, LAMP Words for Life, WordPower

Vocabulary: Core + Fringe

Symbols: PCS, SymbolStix, Widgit

Core Boards

Low-tech AAC resources

Symbols for all
Core vocabulary commenting chart
Project Core
Core Words for Communication

Symbols for All – Call Scotland                                                         

Printable resources designed to support the introduction of picture symbols and their use in everyday school activities by providing a core ‘starter’ set.

Layout: Various

Vocabulary: Core + Fringe

Symbols: Widgit

Symbol Charts – Resources | Ace Centre                                                             

Charts designed to help getting started with low tech AAC.

Layout: Various

Vocabulary: Core + Fringe

Symbols: PCS, SymbolStix, Widgit

Universal Core Communication Systems – Project Core

Universal Core books, boards and posters on a variety of topics.

Layout: Various

Vocabulary: Core + Fringe

Symbols: PCS, SymbolStix, Widgit

36 Core Words – CENMAC

Use these 36 core words to encourage communication.

Layout: Downloadable PDF

Vocabularly: Core

Symbols: Widgit