Student O


After a joint assessment, it was agreed that student O would use the CoWriter 7 word prediction software to support written recording and a Prodigi Connect 12 electronic magnifier. This device allows student O to capture images, magnify documents and have text read aloud using the text-to-speech function. It also has a distance camera that enables student O to view, for example, the content of an interactive whiteboard or a science demonstration on his screen. The student has control over what they sees and can capture images to look at afterwards.


The impact on O

The Prodigi has greatly increased the amount of independence O has. He doesn’t have to rely on an adult when reading texts, which has recently proved very valuable in his end of year mock examinations in which he was able to read most of the papers himself. He has taken ownership of it and has shown increased responsibility in ensuring it is stored safely in the correct place.

How he uses it

In English it is used to read sources and questions, aiding his comprehension of the texts as he can pause and replay which ever parts he does not fully understand.

In Maths he uses it to record his workings out and class example answers for tricky questions, which are later transferred to his student folder.

In Science it is used to read texts as well as using the live mode and distance camera to view experiments so he  can see small changes and read temperatures/measurements on the equipment used.

General comments/how it’s helped his learning/independency etc.

The biggest positive change has been how much more independent O is. He is able to read and take images by himself, meaning that he takes more ownership over his learning. This in turn means that he has increased independency from in-class support and is managing his own learning.

It’s great to see that the support O has received has not only increased his access to the curriculum but has also given him the confidence to take greater responsibility for his learning.

– Mainstream Secondary School



Details of the resources can be found here:
CoWriter 7 has been discontinued. It has an online replacement.

Prodigi Connect 12