Case Study – Myzat

Primary School

Myzat was referred to CENMAC aged 4 when she was in reception in a mainstream school. She has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 and is ventilator dependant. At the time of the assessment, she was loaned a laptop with switch access to Clicker 7 and put on the waiting list for a CENMAC eye gaze device. Her degenerative condition meant that she was already finding it difficult to use the switch, and this could only get worse as she got older.

Once we were able to lend her an eye gaze, she showed that this would be an ideal access method for her. Unfortunately, because of budget restraints, we are not able to lend eye gaze devices indefinitely, as we are with other equipment and, because Myzat has speech, she does not qualify for a communication aid. Luckily, we were able to access some charity funding and she was very quickly able to get her own device.

She has written (using her eye gaze device) about what effect CENMAC support has had on her.

“Cenmac has given me some independence. I have a computer called an eye gaze. I use my eyes to do all of my school subjects. My eye gaze has helped me to write sentences and write stories. I can also go on you tube and watch my favourite Barbie videos. I love to use the camera to take pictures of myself.”  Myzat.