CENMAC’s Vision 2022-2028

Exciting times are ahead for CENMAC. With two new Advisory Teachers who have just started, and an ever-growing caseload and team of specialists, we decided it would be a suitable time to revisit our vision of who we are, and how and why we do what we do. 

To support and facilitate our discussions we invited the wonderful Dr Pen Mendonca in to CENMAC HQ to graphically represent our ideas. Pen had been involved with the previous development of CENMAC’s vision, so already had a good grasp of the service and of what we aspire to become. 

We spent half a day with the whole CENMAC team in attendance and with Pen questioning and prompting, sometimes leading the entire group in discussion and sometimes directing us to smaller groups or pairs to discuss and feedback.  

The team delved deeply into who we are and our hopes for CENMAC and the people that we work with. While we talked, Pen drew and it was a very positive and affirming session to see our thoughts recorded pictorially during the process. 

Dr Pen Mendonca’s graphic is based on our stimulating discussions.  

More on our Vision and Aims can be found here.

CENMAC Vision and Aims
CENMAC Vision and Aims