An overview of OrCam Learn

Recorded: Thursday 19th October 2023

OrCam Learn is an innovative, powerful new solution that supports teachers and schools, enabling every student to thrive. OrCam Learn can read text out loud from any surface, listen to the student read and evaluate their reading and comprehension. OrCam Learn also provides teachers and schools with the ongoing data and performance assessments they need to help every student find their possible.

Designed to help students of all ages with reading and learning challenges or just generally building reading confidence with reluctant readers and encouraging reading for pleasure.

In this session we explore using the OrCam Learn device in an education environment:

  • How can OrCam Learn support students and give users complete reading independence
  • Explore features such as text to speech, word identification, language translation and Oxford English dictionary definition
  • Look at the AI Analytical Reporting tools that monitors students reading progress
  • How OrCam Learn can be used in place of human scribes and readers in exams to help assessors reduce costs and increase student outcomes

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