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Stories from Lockdown
by CENMAC Students

Parent of Daisy


At the beginning of lockdown we were very conscious not to put Daisy under pressure with her school work, the basic rule is that we’ll do what we can without her getting stressed. Having said that she has adapted well, we have had good days and not so good days – though the good days far outweigh the bad. However, we’ve stuck as best we can to the timetable and the work sent from school on a weekly basis pretty well, some of it of course rolls over from day to day. 

Regarding the equipment we received from CENMAC, this has helped greatly. In particular we have the online maths site RockStarz, which is linked to school and her teachers can see how she is doing, on both the iPad and the PC. Daisy loves playing it and is currently leading in her class in coins collected, I’m also trying to get the login for Mymaths to put on as well.

‘… she uses the Word Q5 with Word which is fantastic, it has given her confidence to write her answers knowing that the help with spelling is there…’

The area that I feel has benefitted Daisy the most is Word Q5, a lot of her school work comes in a Word doc, so she uses the Word Q5 with Word which is fantastic. It has given her confidence to write her answers knowing that the help with spelling is there. She hasn’t any ‘big’ writing work from school, so she hasn’t used the DocsPlus that much, though when she first got the PC and used the program she did quickly bash out a couple of short stories – I’m sure it will come into its own when she is back at school. I also have to say she picked it up very quick.

All in all the equipment CENMAC has provided has been a great help during this period of lockdown and I do feel that once Daisy is back at school, it will come into its own and provide her with the support she needs.


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