Women and Technology – Part 4

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Women’s History Month – Women and Technologyby Myzat, CENMAC Student


Continuing with our focus on women, girls and technology we thought it would be good to hear from one of our students this week. Not only has Myzat made exceptional progress during her primary schooling, she was also one of the co producers of the excellent animation ‘The NHS Strikes Back’ as part of our girls’ animation group during the first lockdown. 

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The best thing about my technology is my chair, for example, it helps me get around to places where I am needed.

Myzat’s review:
Technology helps me a lot (Eye Gaze)


How does Eye Gaze help you?

The Eye Gaze helps me to do tasks and fun activities like Maths, English, camera and games. 

For people to hear me more clearly I use a hi-tech mic.  For instance, if I need someone I can just call them with the specific person hearing me. 

To help me travel in style, my custom-made wheelchair (Thunder) does the trick.  I am very appreciative for the knowledgeable, willing people who made and designed it 🙂 


What was it like learning to use the Eye Gaze? 

Learning how to use the Eye Gaze was an interesting experience.  I had a lot of difficult times but now I know how to use it properly. 


What is the best thing about your technology?  What is it most helpful for? 

The best thing about my technology is my chair, for example, it helps me get around to places where I am needed. 


If you could change anything what would that be? 

There is nothing really I would like to change.  I like my chair how it is! 


If technology could do anything what would you do? 

I would like to be able to draw on my Eye Gaze and arms connected to it would draw on paper. 


Thank you Myzat.

Myzat at school

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