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Welcome to our weekly CENMAC blog post.

It’s always great to get feedback from our students and in this blog post we have news from Jacqueline, one of our home schooled students.


Headset and keyboard
Head set and key board

‘Tailored help and assistance to suit young people’s personal needs…’


As someone who had left mainstream education and began home tuition, I was disadvantaged with the lack of equipment I couldn’t access by regular means. Thankfully, CENMAC made it possible for me to reach my full potential, providing equipment, software and a laptop, which were imperative to my studies and exams.


The invaluable support provided helped me overcome my physical and visual difficulties. Kathryn has been incredibly helpful and understanding throughout this entire process; listening to my problems and difficulties and always managing to find an aiding/assistive solution, whether it is regarding education or to aid with day to day activities, routine and quality of life. 

Many thanks to those at CENMAC! 


Thank you Jacqueline and it is great to hear how assistive technology has empowered students.  

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