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Stories from Lockdown
by CENMAC Students

Toby’s Lockdown

My name is Toby and I’m in year 4 at school. I have spastic quadriplegia which means that my arms and legs don’t work properly. All the time I have been at school, CENMAC have provided me with a computer to help me with all my school work because I find writing tiring, and I’m slower at writing than my friends so I can’t get as much done in lessons – but I want to learn the same as everybody else! 

I want to learn the same as everybody else! 

During lockdown my computer has been invaluable. I’ve used it every day for all my school work, including some art! I use Dragon on my laptop to record my work, a brilliant keypad to help with maths and my teacher says I look like a pilot when I join our live teaching google meets because of my headset. I just have to make sure my brother knows when I’m talking to my computer and not to him! CENMAC have also given me an iPad, which is great because I often have to research topics either on the web or by watching videos, and I need to record notes at the same time. Having two screens means I can see what Dragon is writing out for me and see the source material too which makes it so much easier.

I miss being with my friends and having my helper with me, but Dragon, my laptop and my iPad are helping me to keep up with all my class work and do everything my friends do. Thank you CENMAC.


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