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Stories from Lockdown
by CENMAC Students

Emily’s Lockdown
Guided Home Learning and Me, Emily.


‘I have not found anything tricky as I have had a lot of practise.’


My name is Emily and I am 9 years old.  I like playing with my sister Bea and my brother Arthur in the garden.  I have been loving Guided Home Learning since the start of March and have been living my best life. 

What has gone well? 

I have enjoyed not having to wear uniform and taking a teddy to school with me.  At break time I adore playing in the garden with my baby brother Arthur, who is 1 years old. I enjoy this as we are both similar and like the same things.

Lisa, who is my 1:1 helps me every day with my work.  Lisa helps me with my Maths and English.  I really enjoy Maths because I like working out difficult sums and word problems.  English isn’t my favourite but if I have to do it, I will do it anyway with the help of my little helper ‘Bressingham Bear’.

I enjoy planning my day so that I can do the activities when I know I will concentrate the best, which often means doing the lessons which I really enjoy in the morning. I have my own space to work, which includes my desk, iPad, coloured pens, computer, enlarged keyboard and mouse and my books. To add to that I also am passionate about riding the tandem bike with Daddy. We tend to do that on the weekend as we do not have the time in the week. As I cannot ride a bike by myself, I like to ride a bike with Daddy as I can be safe and have lots of fun. I also love riding on my scooter and putting a teddy in my scooter bag and riding very fast.  I like to ride fast as it is exciting and I like having the wind on my face, just like riding on a roller coaster.

Another activity I relish doing is walking with my family. I like this as I entertain Arthur who is either in the backpack or in the buggy.

What has been a little tricky? 

I have not found anything tricky as I have had a lot of practise.

Which programs do you use – Teams or OneDrive? 

I am using Junior English Type, Microsoft Teams and One Drive. I have found them all easy and simple to use. Katie has set up a short cut for me on my desk top so that it is easier for me to navigate into the correct folder in the morning.

Finishing my work on the computer is easier now than it was at the start of the lockdown. This is because I have had to do it several times and I have learned from my mistakes.

I am able to share all of my work with my teachers using One Drive.

Which piece of equipment have you used the most? Why?  I have used my computer the most as it is easier to use this for lots of things. 

What has been the best thing about GHL?  You can only pick one and say why. Going in the garden as I get to play on the trampoline and play with my football. I also think that I can do lots of things independently without lots of help, for example answering a call in Teams. These have been the best things for me.


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