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World Kindness Day | by Toby Seriki, CENMAC Specialist Technology Assistant.  


World Smile Day took place on Friday 1 October and World Kindness Day is coming up on 13 November. Both days aim to promote the importance and benefits of being kind to those around you, the world and to yourself. Acts of kindness bring us together, improve our mood and the mood of those who experience them. The idea is that if enough people make a conscious effort to do at least one random act of kindness, others will be more likely to act kindly themselves, causing a ripple effect where the positive effects of kindness spread far and wide and are experienced by everyone!  

… it’s important to remember to extend this kindness to ourselves! Performing acts of kindness can make us feel better.

The best way to celebrate World Kindness Day is by performing small random acts of kindness throughout the day, and to try to carry this on in your day-to-day life. This could just be giving a compliment or hug to a friend or letting someone go in front of you in a queue, for example. There are endless possibilities to be kind to others every day. Whether it’s to friends, family or a complete stranger, in school, at work or in the street, the smallest random act of kindness has a positive impact on someone’s day.  



Other ways of being kind could be to volunteer for a cause you believe in or sign up to give blood. It doesn’t have to be person-centred either, picking up litter, planting a tree or sponsoring an endangered animal are all acts of kindness. Any good deed you can think of is an act of kindness. 


Being kind to others and the world around us is great, but we are often much kinder to others than we are to ourselves. So, it’s important to remember to extend this kindness to ourselves! Preforming acts of kindness can make us feel better, so you are already being kind to yourself, just by being kind to others. Try to set aside some time to treat yourself. You could do a facemask, watch a film, eat some nice food, go for a walk, or do anything you enjoy. Try to relax, reflect and remind yourself how great you are. Read more about the importance of self-care in this article by The Mental Health Foundation.  


Clicker has a couple of nice activities on acts of kindness, or try this Kindness Bingo activity by 52lives School of Kindness to get your students and young people involved in World Kindness Day. 

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