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OrCam Read – A revolutionary handheld AI reader like no other by Irie Meltzer, UK Regional Director. 

The OrCam Read is a first-of-its-kind, personal reading device that is changing the way students with mild low vision, reading fatigue and reading difficulties are able to consume text.  

The handheld, AI powered tool can instantly capture full pages of text, whether in print or on a digital screen using its smart camera and an intuitive point-and-click operation. This allows for seamless reading as it relays the words back to the user instantly with no pause or delay and without losing any comprehension of the subject matter.  

This is made possible by two precision laser guidance options that allows users to quickly consume full pages or specific points of a text. The OrCam Read is the only device on the market that can capture full pages of text, rather than needing to scan text line by line l. With other assistive reading devices, the user has to hold the pen and manually move it over the text from left to right to scan each word in the sentence. This can cause the reader to lose context, as words are read slowly and sentences are read in fragments. 

The technology doesn’t require internet connection, meaning it can be used in any location and at any time, including in examinations or even on the school bus. 

The device’s Smart Reading feature allows users to issue voice commands such as “read the headlines” or “read article one” to locate and read specific areas of the text in real time.  

Funding for an OrCam Read is possible through Disabled Student Allowance. 

Suzy Taylor, a student, dyslexia blogger, advocate and OrCam Read user, said about the device:  

“Firstly, it is a great tool for reading large amounts of text, particularly synonymous with Further Education studies. With other devices, it can get tiring to hold, as it physically scans each line individually and requires you to hover above the words in a straight line. In contrast, the OrCam Read captures a whole passage of text – and even a full page – with one simple click, and relays the reading back in real time. Secondly, as it is so quick and easy-to-use, the Read can be used discretely in public, particularly when reading cafe menus, product labels or newspapers.” 

“Another great feature is that once the text is captured, the OrCam Read allows you to replay the information or text as many times as you want and at your choice of speed, without having to rescan the document. For me, this is a transformative feature that significantly helps me with my academic studies and enables me to save time whilst working.” 

Twelve year-old Aidan Lane, who has dyspraxia, echoes Suzy’s thoughts on the OrCam Read:  

“I am able to do schoolwork by myself now! And I can read a whole book through and enjoy it, on my own. The OrCam Read is great – and dependable.” 

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