CENMAC student ambassador Khamani interviews high tech AAC user Toby Hewson

CENMAC student ambassador Khamani will be completing his GCSEs this year. Khamani is an assistive technology user and is interested in finding out more about people who use assistive technology and/or augmentative and alternative communication to communicate. Khamani’s ambition is to become a TV presenter one day so over the summer holidays he has been busy interviewing fellow AT and AAC users to find more.

In this interview Khamani talks to high tech AAC user Toby Hewson. Toby Hewson works as a motivational speaker aiming to teach children and young people that disabled people are just like themselves, they just do things in a different way.

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Khamani and Toby Hewson

Khamani And Toby Hewson
Khamani And Toby Hewson