Khamani interviews Georgina

The importance of being independent 

CENMAC student ambassador, Khamani is an assistive technology user. He is interested in finding out how assistive technology helps others to be more independent. Khamani plans to do a media course when he finishes secondary school. He aspires to be a TV presenter one day and is learning all the skills involved in achieving his exciting goal.

Watch Khamani’s interview with Georgina

In this video interview Khamani chats with Georgina. Georgina used to be a student at Charlton Park Academy. She went on to study performing arts and media at Treloar Residential College which she loved.

Georgina Goes Out

A few years ago, Georgina made an award-winning documentary shown on Channel 4, called ‘Georgina Goes Out’. She talks about the challenges she faces as someone living with the movement disorder Cerebral Palsy, and being confined to a wheelchair.

Living independently

Despite her disability Georgina has not let it stop her from living independently. She also has many hobbies including video editing, arts and crafts, going bowling and hanging out with her dog, her essential and much loved companion.

“You can achieve anything in life you want to achieve”

Georgina wants to encourage other people living with a disability not to let their disability stand in their way, “Don’t let the disability limit your achievements … you can achieve anything in life you want to achieve.”

Watch Khamani’s interview with Georgina:

Watch the documentary ‘Georgina Goes Out’: