Finding a voice to raise awareness of cerebral palsy

It’s been a little while since CENMAC student Khamani did his last interview and if you were wondering why, it’s because he was extra busy studying for and completing his GCSE exams in Maths, English Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Spanish & Design and Technology.

We’re very proud of Khamani for achieving his GCSEs and getting into the college of his choice to study Film & TV.

Khamani aspires to be a media presenter when he leaves college and he’s been conducting a series of interviews with inspirational people who use assistive technology to support their communication.

Khamani at film and tv college
Khamani at film and tv college

Student ambassador Khamani interviews Ellise Hayward

Over the summer holidays, Khamani interviewed Ellise Hayward. Ellise is a 21-year-old motivational speaker, disabilities correspondent & general reporter for Jill Dando News as part of The Priory Learning Trust.

Ellise has cerebral palsy and uses eye gaze to communicate. Ellise completed her GCSEs in 2018 and studied English, Maths, Science and Business with her favourite subject being Biology.

Khamani was delighted to have the opportunity to interview Ellise. When you meet Ellise for the first time you might recognise her voice, but you’ll have to watch the interview to find out whose voice she uses!

Ellise is a bubbly and positive young woman and she aspires to motivate other people to always look on the positive side even if you face challenges.

Ellise Hayward relaxing with her puppy and working as an inspirational speaker
Ellise Hayward relaxing with her puppy and working as an inspirational speaker

Watch the interview

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