Soaring towards ATIA 2024

As one of this year’s AT Scholars CENMAC’s Mary Long is about to visit ATIA 2024, the world’s biggest event for anyone passionate about assistive technology (AT).

At the end of January, she will be flying to Orlando, Florida, for three days of inspiring connections, groundbreaking discoveries, and endless possibilities. She will also be taking part in two days of pre-conference seminars focusing on supporting children and young people with vision impairments.

ATIA is more than just a conference; it’s a movement. Over 300 sessions, led by industry experts and passionate advocates, will explore the latest advancements in AT, from cutting-edge tools for vision and mobility to groundbreaking solutions for communication and learning.

Mary will be diving into the vibrant expo hall, where 500+ exhibitors showcase the future of accessibility. Getting hands-on with revolutionary technologies, networking with pioneers in the field, and discovering solutions that can empower individuals of all abilities to reach their full potential.

ATIA isn’t just about technology; it’s about community. As part of the AT Scholar programme, Mary will also connect with fellow practitioners, educators, parents, and individuals with disabilities. She is looking forward to new experiences, learning from others, and building lasting connections that fuel the fire of innovation.

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AT Scholars Mary Lavender (left) and Mary Long (right)

Image courtesy of ACE Centre: 2024 AT Scholars Mary Lavender (left) and CENMAC’s Mary Long (right)