Ruth: Breaking Down Barriers and Spreading Wisdom at 13

I want to introduce you to someone who’s not your typical teenager. She’s not your average 13-year-old struggling with the usual problems of adolescence; she’s Ruth from London, and she’s nothing short of amazing.

Ruth is a bright, funny young person with an outgoing personality, who participates enthusiastically in discussions in class and bounces ideas off her peers. Ruth is not just sociable; she thrives on interactions with her friends. She has performed in her school Christmas show, delivering her lines in “A Christmas Carol” and recently, performed a stand-up comedy routine as part of a school production that went down a storm.

Ruth was also selected as CENMAC Student of the Month in May 2023. Cerebral palsy and muscle weakness might be a challenge, but for Ruth, it’s just another hurdle to leap over. Her fine and gross motor skills might be affected, but her spirit and determination more than make up for this.

She has become a pro at using her CENMAC assistive technology, seamlessly integrating it into her daily life. And that’s not all – she’s a Tik Tok enthusiast, posting videos about herself and her life. It’s a platform where she shines, sharing snippets of her unique perspectives on life.

Ruth’s talents also extend beyond the screen. She has a flair for creative writing. She has recently entered several poetry competitions and has had three poems published – one of which is proudly residing in an anthology in the school library. And all before the age of 13! Her latest poem that she entered in a recent poetry competition can be read here.

Book cover of 'I Feel Pink Today' written by Ruth K

Ruth is making the most of the support available to her. Physiotherapy, and Speech and Language sessions are going really well, equipping her to conquer every challenge thrown her way. Her journey from early childhood, as she describes as “a mix of hospitals and CBeebies” to the vibrant world of creativity is nothing short of inspiring.

However, Ruth’s dream wasn’t just to be a part of the crowd; she aspired to be an author. Believing initially that writing books was reserved for adults, she researched and decided there was no age limit to her dreams. She took a bold leap and wrote her mini-autobiography titled ‘I Feel Pink Today.’ Why pink? It’s her favourite colour, of course! We are delighted that Ruth’s book is published and available to purchase! Imagine being 13 and already a published author.

In her book, Ruth talks about motivation, self-esteem, and dishes out life advice that’ll make you sit up and take notice. It’s a rollercoaster of hilarity and seriousness, covering topics from soap operas to racism. She describes how in her first year of life, doctors predicted she had only 24 hours to live and suggested that if she managed to survive, she would be left in a vegetative state. Contrary to this grim prognosis, she defied expectations and, as she says herself: “I was NOT a vegetable!” The book explores the author’s journey of defying medical expectations and overcoming significant challenges in her life.

So, next time you think there are limitations to what you can achieve, think of Ruth and her unstoppable force, breaking barriers and proving that wisdom knows no age. She’s not just an inspiration; she’s a reminder that dreams don’t come with any restriction or age limits. Ruth Kaputa, we are so proud of you!


Blog author: CENMAC Advisory Teacher Maureen De Longhi

A poem called 'Misfits' by Ruth K