AAC Monthly Club

There will be a monthly AAC club held by Abdi Omar
email. abdiomartv@gmail.com

A Voice for All
CENMAC’s 50th celebratory film about Assistive Technology in Education.

Our 20 minute film hears from students and a range of staff about assistive technology past, present and future! From the first typewriters and voice synthesizer to robotics and the dream of equality in the provision of assistive technology for all.

Device Review:
A CENMAC student from Charlton Park Academy
This short film about Dragon and Eye-Gaze was made in conjunction with Jim Hobbs and students from the School of Film and TV at Greenwich University.

Useful resources for staff working with pupils and students who use AAC.

Introduction to AAC from Communication Matters:

Cartoon of why AAC users should start with a large vocabulary:

Website run by an American speech therapist who specialises in AAC. Has a range of resources:

Resources and online training to support AAC use:

Downloadable book full of ideas for communication games:

American website full of ideas, links, games, strategies etc. Can be a bit daunting to navigate to start with: praacticalaac.org

American website, run by specialist speech therapist with archive of handouts from previous conferences. Also has PODD information:

Resources to use in the classroom in various formats. Canadian so scroll down…

Ready made Colourful Semantics resources:

Resources and information on using a ready made core vocabulary with students with severe and profound learning difficulties. Also American: www.project-core.com

Pathways is a free resource from Tobii Dynavox, designed to teach and record progress in early AAC users. Whilst designed to be used with their devices and software, the principles can be applied across the board: tinyurl.com/ybnqb9rc

Ideas for developing AAC use in those for whom it is a new concept:

Materials for a one day course for staff supporting AAC users. Costs £80. There is also a family edition: acecentre.org.uk/resources/matter-education-edition

System of teaching core vocabulary to AAC users. Must have Boardmaker Online to run:

This above list can be downloaded here: AAC Resources