9.30 – 10.00am Registration and Exhibition
10.00am Welcome and opening Speaker – Toby Hewson
10.25 – 10.35am Robert McLaren, Director of the ATech (Assistive and Accessible Technology) Policy Lab
  Seminar Room 1 Seminar Room 2
10.45 – 11.10 Improving communication with storytelling on the go  

Presenter: Amanda Duncan and Cath Thompson (Teachning Assistant), Ellie and Levi (students)

Company: Scribeasy with CENMAC/Charlton Park Academy

Seminar: Learn about this exciting inclusive and creative online story writing platform through a live demonstration with students from Charlton Park Academy.

Introducing Super Core vocabulary

Presenter:  Jay Tuck and Claire Hennings (specialist communication Teachning Assistant ) and Omar (student)

Company:  Smartbox with CENMAC/Charlton Park Academy

Seminar: Using Super Core vocabulary sets in Grid 3 and updates from  Smartbox AT

11.20 – 11.45 CVI and Me

Presenter: Tyrese and Sarah Caffrey QTVI

Company: College student and Southwark Vision impairment team

Seminar: Tyrese will share what CVI means for him and the everyday technology he uses.


Eye tracking for communication and curriculum access

Presenter: John Liddle, Myzat and Jozef (TBC)

Company:  Tobii Dynavox and CENMAC students

Seminar: In this session we will look at how Tobii Dynavox solutions are being used to secure both communication and computer access success for eye tracker users.

We will hear from Myzat, a student from London, who recently branched out from her communication software, using TD Control to unlock the capabilities of her device for accessing learning materials, controlling the computer, accessing the internet and producing her written work.

We will also explore how iPad users are not left out with the new TD Pilot – the first ever ‘Made for iPad’ certified eye tracker.

11.55 – 12.20  Scanning Pens in action 

Presenter: Quin Chandler with Berenger Allee (teacher) and Destiny and McKenzie (students)

Company: Scanning Pens with CENMAC/Charlton Park Academy students

Seminar: Hear about this effective portable assistive technology tool for reading and find out how students are using it in a range of ways to support access and learning.

Person-Centred Planning and Multimedia Self-Advocacy with RIX Wikis 

Presenter: Gosia Kwiatkowska and AJay Choksi, Chloe Hudson (Teachning Assistant) Danny (student), Kathryn Stowell

Company: RIX Research and Media centre, The University of East London and CENMAC/Charlton Park Academy

Seminar: RIX WIKIS are simple, accessible, secure and easy to build personal websites. They are used to create multimedia person-centred plans that capture the voice, skills, aspirations and needs of individuals.

12.20 – 12.45 Lunch


Chat group with Abdi Omar

Presenter: Abdi Omar, with the following students Amimul, Joshua, and Rizwan (Highshore) and Tehilla, Alice, Omar, Danny and Cameron (Charlton Park Academy)

Company: Abdi Enterprises, CENMAC/Charlton Park Academy and CENMAC/Highshore Special School

Seminar: Abdi Omar, an AAC consultant with CENMAC has been running a weekly AAC chat group, which moved online during the pandemic. Hear from Abdi and the students about the impact of AAC role models and what they get up to.

OrCam Learn

Presenter: Lauren Jeffery and CENMAC students Justyna and Maisie

Company: Orcam

Seminar: OrCam Technologies – an innovator of globally award-winning, “personal AI” solutions – created the OrCam Learn.
This handheld, game-changing tool helps build confidence, and enhances any learning experience, by empowering students with learning challenges – including dyslexia – to read any text, strengthen reading fluency & comprehension, and evaluate progress along the way.

1.15 – 1.40  Using ReadingWise to support reading at Charlton Park Academy

Presenter:  Zoe Tillotson (Teacher) and Charlton Park Academy students

Company: Reading Wise and CENMAC/Charlton Park Academy

Seminar. CPA Case Study – Discussion format with Zoe and pupils from Charlton Park Academy – how ReadingWise is used; user interface for learners and for teachers 

Hands on with Cosmo Switches

Presenter:  Ewa Bukowska and Sanjana Khemka, along with a class from Charlton Park Academy

Company:  Cosmo by Filisia and Charlton Park Academy

Seminar: Cosmo is a set of uniquely designed interactive switches that light up in multiple colours, are highly responsive and can be paired with your devices via Bluetooth. The switches can be used with a highly engaging app (Cosmo Training App) developed by Filisia to engage learners and develop a range of physical and cognitive skills. They can also be used as external accessibility controllers to access, navigate and engage with third party apps and devices.

1.50 – 2.15  Case study of Megan’s AAC journey

Presenter: May Ebbage Taylor

Company: ACE Centre

Seminar:  Megan is 12 years old, social butterfly that loves chatting with friends. During this presentation I will demonstrate Megan’s AAC journey, from using simple paper-based resources, including symbol charts before progressing onto a communication book, and gaining a communication aid of her own.

Universally designed classrooms with technology from Sensory Guru

Presenter: Lee Blemings and Charlton Park Academy Teachers

Company:  Sensory Guru in partnership with CENMAC at Charlton Park Academy

Seminar: This academic year a number of new classes at Charlton Park Academy have been equipped with Sensory Guru accessible and interactive technologies to create fully inclusive and universally designed teaching and learning spaces. We will share our early developments and outcomes as the success inspires implementation across the whole school.


2.25 – 2.50 Introducing the Braillenote Touch Plus device

Presenter:  Sophia, Hadiqa and Emily

Company: Company: HumanWare with CENMAC student Hadiqa and/or Emily

Seminar: Student (HS/EG TBC) showing and discussing their use of Braillenote Touch.


A robot in my place: How AV1 is changing the outcomes of hundreds of children unable to attend school

Presenter: Sally Thornton  and Adam (student TBC)

Company:  No Isolation and CENMAC student from home (TBC)

Seminar: How can we enable equal access to school life for children too unwell to attend? AV1 is a telepresence robot addressing the problem of prolonged school absence. Used for reasons ranging from long term illness to mental health, AV1 can improve student wellbeing and supports a smooth reintegration back into school. This talk will explain how AV1 works and how it has been used by schools and young people across the UK.

3.00 – 3.25  How Audiobooks can support learning for Children with Dyslexia and encourage reading for pleasure 

Presenter: Anthony Kemp, CEO 

Company:  Calibre Audio

Seminar: A recent study commissioned by Calibre with a secondary school and a leading university highlighted the power of audiobooks in supporting the learning of children with dyslexia, this workshop will discuss and explore the use of audiobooks in supporting educational achievement and wellbeing for Children with dyslexia

Making it click ‘enhancing inclusive learning for all with LGfL’ The National Grid for Learning 

Presenter: Bob Usher

Company:  LGfL

Seminar: LGfL ‘The National Grid for Learning – is a Charitable Trust which enables schools to maximise the benefits of online technologies, teachers to be more effective, and learners to achieve their potential. This session will highlight the range of inclusive support available for all schools as part of the LGfL IncludED service, including award-winning LGfL Learning Resources, examples of inclusive new technologies being used within the LGfL community, CPD for teachers and support staff, innovative approaches to integrating immersive technology into everyday teaching and learning and support for adoption of Universal Design for Learning within the context of everyday teaching and learning.

3.35 – 4.00pm Using visual thinking strategies to overcome functional challenges in organising and structuring ideas & tasks, retaining information and writing 

Presenter Reeza Awoodun

Company:  Inspiration 10 by TechEd Marketing


Inspiration 10 is a simple and intuitive visual thinking tool that helps users to quickly capture and structure their ideas, map out their knowledge, communicate understanding and support them in the writing process.

In this session, we will introduce you to Inspiration 10 and share some recent user video case studies. You will learn how our software helps users with neuro differences, cognitive issues and mental health challenges overcome functional challenges in organising and structuring ideas & tasks, retaining information and writing.

Using KAZ  

Presenter: Keene Braganza

Company: KAZ Type Limited

Seminar: How touch-typing skills can help children and young adults with productivity and communication skills.