Crick Software Adapted Resources

Our specialist teaching assistant Toby Seriki has  created some adapted
resources for staff to students to use in class.


Returning to school


Returning to School Social Situations – Clicker 8 Book

This Clicker Book outlines some of the changes that will be in place when returning to the classroom.

Clicker document: Back to school Book

In it Together – Clicker 8 Book 

This Clicker Book is about 4 different young people different learning and living during lockdown, and later getting ready to return to school and stay safe from the coronavirus.

Clicker document: In it together Book

Social Distancing Rules – Clicker 8 Book 

This Clicker Book includes the do’s and don’ts of social distancing rules.

Clicker document: Social distancing Book

Talk About Coronavirus – Clicker 8 Talk Set

A Talk Set with prompts for discussion about some of the anxieties caused by coronavirus.

Clicker document: Talk about coronavirus

Safe and Unsafe Returning to School Sorting Activity – Clicker 8 Board

A click and drag activity in which students will sort activities into ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ categories.

Clicker document: Safe and unsafe sorting activity

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Image of two children going into school - illustration
Illustration of how to social distance for children

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National Insect Week


Insect description cards and matching activity

A Clicker book with descriptions of various insects and an activity in which insects are matched to the appropriate description.

Clicker document: Insect description cards and activity

Insects and their habitats

Three draw a line activities in which insects are matched to their habitat.

Clicker document: Insects and their habitats

Insects fact file and comprehension

A Clicker book containing images and facts about different insects and an accompanying comprehension activity.

Clicker document: Insects fact file and comprehension

Parts of the insect

6 blank insect diagrams to be labelled and 6 complete insect diagrams.

Clicker document: Parts of the insect

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Description cards of insects
Insects and their habitat matching game
Insect fact file cards
Parts of an insect labelling game

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