Gaming Consoles and Home Learning


To support home learning, you can log into your student accounts on your
game consoles, use the instructions to login on either an xbox or a ps4.

Download details: Game Console – home learning.pdf


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Other websites to visit:

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Crick software logo
Call Scotland
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Charlton Park Academy
Charlton Park Academy is a SEN school and these resource areas on their website have downloads and links for home learning.

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Crick Software
Literacy software for pupils of all abilities, with a strong focus on improving writing outcomes and helping all learners to experience success including Clicker and DocsPlus

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Call Scotland
CALL Scotland helps children and young people to overcome disability and barriers to learning, and to fulfil their potential.

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Kids Activities
Free activities for children.

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Help Kidz Learn website page
Reading Wise

London Grid for Learning
Guidance and Advice for schools and local councils.

Learn to touch type with the Kaz Typing teaching method.

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Help Kidz Learn
HelpKidzLearn is a collection of software for young children and those with learning difficulties to play online. The software is split into five sections: Early Years, Games and Quizzes, Stories and Songs, Creative Play & Find Out About.

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Reading Wise
Reading Wise