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‘Clicker’ from Crick Software ( is widely used across the UK and we run many courses for complete beginners to advanced users. If you work with students who need help in literacy then this might just be the ideal programme for you to investigate. With ‘Clicker’ you can create talking books, have speech feedback and use photos, symbols, video and sounds to help you convey the message of the text. You can create interactive worksheets, exciting activities in every topic imaginable and differentiate the curriculum to many levels. Our courses leave you confident to do all this and to explore the hundreds of free and linked resources that accompany ‘Clicker’.

This introductory course will show staff how to make grids and talking books using the programme, develop ideas for activities in class and how to use materials made by others available as free downloads from the web.

“A very useful, informative and practical introduction to ‘Clicker 5′” Teacher, Bond Primary School

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