Dyspraxia is a developmental disorder of organisation and planning of physical movement. The essential feature is the impairment of motor function that significantly interferes with academic achievement or activities of daily living.

Besides the problems of motor control, there is usually significant impairment in skills relating to sequencing, organisation and planning as well as difficulties in attention control. These problems also contribute to the practical difficulties with skills and have a major impact on written output and recording abilities at school.

This hands on practical training day will provide:

• Time for discussion to share ideas for useful materials, showing examples of how to use them.

• An introduction to relevant software and how to use it.

• An introduction to relevant hardware and how to use it.

• Case studies.

• Hands on session.

This course will be suitable for teachers in mainstream and special settings, parents and support staff. Therapists and organisations working with children who show signs of Dyspraxia of any age can attend. Help will be given if your experience is limited.

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