To start KAZ Typing Tutor:

  1. Press Applets
  2. Press the Down Arrow key >  KAZ Typing Tutor 
  3. Press Enter

If you have not used the programme before you will have to add yourself as a student:

  1. Press the Down Arrow key > Add a Student
  2. Press Enter
  3. Enter your first and last names, using the down arrow key to navigate between them.
  4. Press Enter
  5. Create your own password.  Make sure you either remember it or write it down. You will need to type this in twice, pressing Enter between the two. 

To log in:

  1. Press the Down Arrow key > Pupil’s Name
  2. Press Enter
  3. Type  your Password
  4. Press Enter

The KAZ Typing Tutor consists of five parts: Part 1 – Introduction

  • How KAZ works and how to use it
  • How your fingers are numbered
  • The important of correct posture at the keyboard
  • How efficient and enjoyable KAZ is
  • How to touch type the Home Keys, Enter key and Space Bar 

Part 2 – The A to Z Keys

  • How to touch type the ‘a to z’ keys using five special KAZ phrases

Part 3 – Consolidation and Practice

  • Practice using different phrases  and sentences

Part 4 – The Rest of the Keyboard

  • Takes you through the rest of the keyboard and helps you to pull it all together

Part 5 – Speed and Accuracy Builder

  • Helps you build your speed and accuracy and provides short fun exercises to improve your new touch typing skill

 For the course to be effective you should work through the sections and the phrases in order.A record of your progress is kept in a text file on the Neo.  

Displaying Student Progress:In the Select an Option screen:

  1. 1.    Press the Down Arrow key, to Display Student Progress
  2. 2.    Press Enter

Note: To see results a file must be overwritten.  Make sure that work from the desired file is sent to a computer and saved.   To Exit an Exercise:At any time you can exit an exercise by pressing EscapeTo Exit KAZ Typing Tutor:  

In the Select an Option screen:

  1. Press the Down Arrow key, to Exit KAZ SmartApplet
  2. Press Enter

To go back to AlphaWordPlus (word processing) mode:When you have exited KAZ Typing Tutor:

  1. The cursor should be flashing on AlphaWordPlus, if not, use the relevant Arrow key, to AlphaWordPlus
  2. Press Enter

The AlphaSmart will now display the last file worked on.