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Jessica Kingsley Publishers

  • Teaching Pupils with Severe and Complex Difficulties: Back to First Principles –  Christopher Dyer
  • Disability Voice: Towards an Enabling Education – Mal Leicester
  • A Practical Guide to Teaching People with Learning Disabilities – Janet Carr and Suzanne Collins

David Fulton Publishers

  • Meeting SEN in the Classroom series (secondary) – English, Maths, Science, ICT, Music, Modern Foreign Languages, PE/Sports, Art, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Religious Education and Citizenship.
  • An A-Z Practical Guide to Learning Difficulties – Harry Ayers
  • Mapping SEN – Amanda Kirby
  • Ways into Literature: Stories, Plays and Poems for pupils with SEN – Nicola Grove
  • Inclusion and How to Do it (Primary and Secondary books) – Sue Briggs
  • How to create the Inclusive Classroom: Removing Barriers to Learning – Rita Cheminais
  • Inclusive Teaching, Inclusive Learning: Managing the Curriculum for Children with Severe Motor Difficulties – Pilla Pickles
  • Additional Educational Needs: Inclusive Approaches to Teaching – Sue Soan (Ed)
  • Access to Communication: Developing the Basics of Communication with People with Severe Learning Difficulties Through Intensive Interaction – Melanie Nind and Dave Hewett
  • Implementing the Literacy Hour for Pupils with Learning Difficulties – Ann Berger and Denise Morris
  • Language and the Curriculum: Practitioner Research in Planning Differentiation – Deirdre Martin and Carol Miller
  • Towards a Curriculum for All: A Practical Guide for Developing an Inclusive Curriculum for Pupils Attaining Significantly Below Age-Related Expectations – Dorchester Curriculum Group
  • Enabling Access: Effective Teaching and Learning for Pupils with Learning Difficulties – Barry Carpenter, Robert Ashdown and Keith Bovair (Eds)
  • A Sensory Approach to the Curriculum: For Pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties – Judy Davis
  • Planning the Curriculum for Pupils with Special Needs: A Practical Guide – Richard Byers and Richard Rose
  • Early Learning Goals for Children with Special Needs: Learning Through Play – Collette Drifte
  • Communication Before Speech: Development and Assessment – Judith Coupe O’Kane and Juliet Goldbart
  • Communication, Curriculum and Classroom Practice – Clare Latham and Ann Miles
  • Implementing Intensive Interaction in Schools: Guidance for Practitioners, Managers and Coordinators – Mary Kellett and Melanie Nind
  • Interaction in Action: Reflections on the Use of Intensive Interaction – Dave Hewett and Melanie Nind
  • Creating a Responsive Environment for People with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties – Jean Ware
  • The Education and Care of Children with Severe, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties – Richard Aird
  • Pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties: A Collaborative Approach to Meeting Complex Needs – Penny Lacey and Carol Ouvry (Eds)
  • Baseline Assessment, Curriculum and Target Setting for Pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties – Sonia Maskell, Fran Watkins and Elizabeth Haworth
  • Mathematics for Children with Severe and Profound Learning Difficulties
  • Access to ICT: Curriculum Planning and Practical Activities for Pupils with Learning Difficulties – Liz Singleton, Iain Ross and Liz Flavell
  • Access to History: Curriculum Planning and Practical Activities for Pupils with Learning Difficulties – Andrew Turner
  • Access to Citizenship: Curriculum Planning and Practical Activities for Pupils with Learning Difficulties – Ann Fergusson and Hazel Lawson
  • Access to Science: Curriculum Planning and Practical Activities for Pupils with Learning Difficulties – Claire Marvin and Chris Stokoe
  • Literacy Through Symbols: Improving Access for Children and Adults – Tina and Mike Detheridge
  • Internet for All / Communication for All / Literacy for All / Geography for All / History for All / Science for All / Information Technology for All / Art for All (I) / Art for All (II) / Physical Education for All / Reading for All / Writing for All / Speaking and Listening for All / Modern Languages for All / Personal And Social Development for All / Information and Communication Technology for All

Books Education

  • Improving Literacy Skills for Children with Special Educational Needs – H Duncan and S Parkhouse
  • Special Educational Needs in the Primary School: A Practical Guide – Jean Gross
  • Inclusion Strategies that Work!: Research Based Methods for the Classroom – Toby J Karten
  • Stepping Out: Using Games and Activities to Help your Child with Special Needs – Sarah Newman
  • What Every Teacher should Know about Special Learners – Donna Walker Tileston
  • Children with Developmental Difficulties – S Venkatesan


National organisation developing a curriculum for those working below Level 1 or 2 of the national curriculum.  There is a full curriculum, links to other useful sites, internet forums and other information. 


Learning and teaching for children with SEN in the primary school:

Other inclusion publications available

QCA Publications – general advice on teaching pupils with learning difficulties – advice for  those working with students (14-25) with learning difficulties – advice on the Foundation Learning Tier – materials for students working from Entry Level to Level 2 of the National Curriculum

P scales – information and resources  – materials developed in the East Midlands to support the use of P scales in schools

National Curriculum Online

Search for Inclusion under the relevant Key Stage.

This list is for information only and does not constitute a recommendation.