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Instructions to make an easy activity

Load the SwitchIT Maker 2 programme

Click on Make a new activity button at the bottom of the page

Enter the name for your activity animals for example and select which folder you want to store it in Group 1.  Can be pupil or subject based.

Choose layout screen

Click OK

Select the format you require – text under the page is standard.

Select OK

You will be asked if you want to choose picture or video. Click Yes

By clicking on internet you will be able to look for images on the web, for example on Google images.

You can search on the hard disk or wherever you store your photographs.  You can also insert pictures/video that come with the programme that are stored on the installation CD.

Add writing screen

You will be asked if you want to add some writing now  Click Yes

Use the mouse to write some text using the onscreen keyboard then select Done.

Do you want to add some sound or speech now? Click Yes

Record using a microphone is useful as you can add a commentary to the picture.  You will get a screen with a record button and you can change the message if the first recording is not correct. Click Done

Next do you want to add a special effect to this page?  Play with these to see the effect.  None is probably clearer to the user. 

Well Done! You have finished creating page 1!

You can now add a new page, play or change this page

Play through the activity to check everything is working.  Then press esc to exit the activity.

You will see this information with your activity in Group 1

Activities screen

Play or Exit. 

Suggested activities

  • Use pictures of the pupil doing things in school
  • Based on Where’s Spot? make an activity with the pupil hiding but just part visible.
  • Recording sounds and sights of journeys
  • Counting with pictures
  • Sequencing
  • Story books
  • Who is in the room today – recognising and distinguishing familiar faces
  • Cause and effect activities

You can download SwitchIT player from and activities can be sent home for pupils to play for their parents.  This does not need the software to be installed at home.  Switch IT Ready Made activities are also available from Inclusive Technology.