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If you missed one of our  Autumn Term 2022 Thursday Thirty online training sessions, take a look at the recorded sessions below and contact us if you would like to be emailed a link to view the recording.

TextAid by ReadSpeaker

CENMAC’s Thursday Thirty – TextAid by ReadSpeaker An Introduction
Date of recording: Thursday,  8 Dec 2022 (30 mins)

Join Mary Wilcox Product Specialist at Aventido Ltd for an introduction to TextAid by ReadSpeaker.

TextAid helps students work more confidently and independently by reading any text aloud. Whether it’s a worksheet, exam paper, website, PDF or even on a piece of paper you can listen rather than struggle to decode each word.

You can also complete worksheets and exams using the annotation tool and have help when writing independently. Because TextAid is an online solution, you can access all the tools when home learning, at school and even on your tablet or phone.

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Strategies to help motivate students using AT & AAC

Strategies to help motivate students using AT & AAC

Date of recording: Thursday, 1 Dec 2022 (30 mins)

Abdi Omar recently joined the CENMAC team as an AT and AAC consultant. Abdi has Cerebral Palsy and uses high tech AAC to communicate. In this session Abdi provides strategies on motivating children and young people who are using AT or AAC to use their devices. Abdi covers how encouraging students to use their devices can have a significant and positive impact on their lives and why the student’s voice matters.

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Introduction to Proloquo and Proloquo Coach

Introduction to Proloquo and Proloquo Coach: AssistiveWare’s Next Generation AAC

Date of recording: Thursday, 24 Nov 2022 (30 mins)

This service offers a simple, efficient AAC solution (Proloquo) designed to scaffold families and professionals in effective AAC implementation.

This is combined with an AAC best-practice coach (Proloquo Coach) that supports communication partners to implement AAC, provide aided language stimulation, and reduce the risk of device abandonment. Proloquo Coach introduces novices to the field of AAC. It combines plain-language, highly-readable text with attractive and engaging visuals and short instructional videos to ensure families can develop the skills to support their child to learn to use Proloquo.

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Cosmo switches

Cosmo switches and iPad app by Ewa Bukowska

Date of recording: Thursday 17 Nov 2022 (30 mins)

Ewa is an education practitioner focusing on technology adoption to support the daily lives and education of neurodiverse children and young people.

During the session, Ewa showcases Cosmo, an inclusive technology system supporting the development of a variety of physical, cognitive and communication skills.

Cosmo is combined of interactive controllers called Cosmoids, which can be used to play a range of Cosmo Games available in a free iPad app and as external accessibility switches to navigate through third-party apps and devices.

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DocsPlus: An introduction

An introduction to DocsPlus

Date of recording: Thursday 10 Nov (30 mins)

DocsPlus has been specifically designed for secondary school students with barriers to literacy, with hundreds of subject-specific word banks and writing frames to support writing across the curriculum. From planning, to writing, to proofing, our exam-friendly word processor will give your learners all the tools they need to succeed.

“For students who have fantastic ideas but struggle to get them onto paper, DocsPlus is a game changer!” Georgina Durrant – The SEN Resources Blog

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Humanware led by Alan Davis

Humanware by Alan Davis

Date of recording: Thursday 3 Nov 2022 (30 mins)

Starting young students on refreshable braille technology – what, when and how.

Alan has 21 years experience as UK & Ireland Manager for Humanware, formerly Pulse Data International. He is experienced in demonstrating Assistive Technology to thousands of visually impaired people from 5 years old to 100 years old.

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Dragon by Nuance

Dragon live by Sam Cock

Date of recording: Thursday 20 Oct 2022 (30 mins)

Dragon by Nuance is the world’s leading speech recognition solution used for dictation and transcription. With Dragon, students can be keyboard free.

What better way to step into the wonderful world of Dragon than by watching Aventido’s product Specialist Sam dictate this webinar live.

The demo includes hints and tips for using Dragon as well as a few interesting facts about the software.

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OrCam Learn

OrCam Learn, a revolutionary solution to learning with Lauren Jeffery

Date of recording: Thursday 13 Oct 2022 (30 mins)

Words connect us with ideas, information, even dreams for our futures. But when learning and reading is difficult, it can even prevent students from realising opportunities. We are driven to help empower those with learning challenges to unlock their full potential. That’s why we’ve developed OrCam Learn – a truly interactive, AI-enabled solution to learning that partners with each student as they read, learn and grow, in confidence and ability.

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Scibeasy led by Amanda Duncan

Scribeasy by Amanda Duncan

Date of recording: Thursday 6 Oct 2022 (30 mins)

Amanda Duncan, MA RCA, Director/ Founder of Scribeasy presents ‘How to boost vocabulary and comprehension skills in gamified immersive settings.’

Scribeasy is a configurable and immersive story platform. It transforms how you can teach any subject with a configurable and versatile story framework packed with assistive technology and reporting features.

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Thinking Ahead Around Exam Access

Thinking Ahead around Exam Access by Maureen De Longhi (CENMAC Advisory Teacher)

Date of recording: Thursday 29 Sept 2022 (30 mins)

“During exams, organising access arrangements can be difficult. Throw Assistive Technology into the mix and there is the potential for some students to miss out on arrangements that may better support their needs, because their teachers are either unaware of what assistive technologies are available or unsure of whether they would contravene the rules.”

This session:

Outlines the role of AT to improve the ability of students to communicate, learn and achieve as a normal way of working and explore some of the technology available.

Looks at JCQ guidance to schools and colleges with regard to the use of assistive technology for access arrangements and identify the key points.

Considers how to make the necessary applications to enable students to use AT in exams.

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Clicker 8 An introduction

An introduction to Clicker 8 with Katie Finch

Date of recording: Thursday 22 Sept 2022 (30 mins)

Clicker is the complete writing solution for the primary classroom, providing every pupil with just the right level of support and challenge. Find out how our child-friendly word processor and thousands of ready-made curriculum activities will engage and inspire your learners.

“Clicker is the gold standard piece of software to support reading and writing for any age.” Carol Allen – ICT and Inclusion Specialist

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Scanning Pens

Scanning Pens by Jim Bowen

Date of recording: Thursday 15 Sept 2022 (30 mins)

Jim Bowen (Business Development Manager – UK Secondary Education) from Scanning Pens Ltd focuses on:

  • An Introduction to ExamReader and the ReaderPen
  • The benefits and features and how they can support students in the classroom
  • Exploring the JCQ statement and how the ExamReader can support students.
  • Our research and case studies
  • Supporting literacy and training documents

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Empowering Potential

Empowering Potential with Arran Smith

Date of recording: Thursday 8 Sept 2022 (30 mins)

Arran Smith, Microsoft’s UK SEND & Dyslexia Consultant, talks about Assistive Technology which has been brought into mainstream use enabling teachers, students and dyslexic people of all ages to access the inbuilt assistive technology anytime anywhere.

At Microsoft, our Mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. With more than 1 billion people in the world with disabilities, there is no limit to what people can achieve when technology reflects the diversity of all those who use it.

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