Cosmo Switches

Recorded: Thursday 16th November 2023

During the session, Cosmo’s Community Engagement Ewa, showcases Cosmo, an inclusive technology system helping students work on their core physical, cognitive and communication skills.

Cosmo is a combination of interactive controllers called Cosmoids, which can be used to play a range of Cosmo Games available in a free iPad app and as external accessibility switches to navigate through third-party apps and devices.

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About the trainer

Ewa Bukowska is an education practitioner focusing on technology adoption to support the daily lives and education of neurodiverse children and young people. Ewa has worked in different settings on the verge of education and technology and is passionate about creating accessible and inclusive learning environments. Ewa is also a SEND Programme Manager at Ignite Hubs, a UK-based charity, where she develops programming resources and offerings for children and young people with Additional Learning Needs.