About SplashLearn:

SplashLearn is an innovative online learning platform for PreK through Grade 5 children. It covers maths, ELA, and early skills such as creativity, critical thinking, logic, and motor skills. Engaging over 45 million children and 446k teachers globally, SplashLearn offers an adaptive curriculum that caters to individual paces and styles. An independent study revealed that 82% of students looked forward to maths time with SplashLearn, and consistent users saw an 11.8% increase in their maths percentile rank in an 8-week study. With over 3 billion questions answered by its learners, SplashLearn continuously leverages this extensive library of data points to enhance its adaptive algorithm, ensuring personalized learning at its best.

Features that make SplashLearn special:

Adaptive learning algorithm: Dynamically adjusts difficulty levels and content to match each student’s learning progress, promoting a personalized learning experience.

Rich academic content: Features an extensive range of over 4,000 Math and ELA learning games and 10,000+ worksheets, meticulously crafted to align with your preferred curriculum for PreK to Grade 5 kids.

Early skill development games: Offers games specifically designed to enhance motor skills, logical thinking, and creativity, supporting early childhood development beyond academic subjects.

Multiplayer games: Facilitates interactive and social learning experiences through multiplayer games, encouraging collaboration and competition among peers.

Progress tracking: Equips parents and teachers with detailed insights into students’ learning progress, helping identify strengths and improvement areas.

Offline access: Seamlessly use SplashLearn without the internet, syncing with cloud servers when the connection is restored, facilitating cross-platform usage.

Assignments and home access: Teachers can assign practice content to students or classes, monitor progress, and facilitate continuous learning. Additionally, they can enable remote access for completing assignments and engaging in practice from home.

SplashLearn is free for teachers. Parents can sign up for free and start a 7-day trial to explore the endless learning possibilities for their children.