Thinking ahead around exam access

Recorded: Thursday 21st September 2023

In this session CENMAC Advisory Teacher Maureen De Longhi provides useful information about organising access arrangements for the SATs Key Stage 2 tests and the GCSE exams.

During exams, organising access arrangements can be a nightmare. Throw Assistive Technology into the mix and there is the potential for some students to miss out on arrangements that may better support their needs, because their teachers are either unaware of what assistive technologies are available or unsure of whether they would contravene the rules.

The aims of this session are to:

Outline the role of AT to improve the ability of students to communicate, learn and achieve as a usual way of working and explore some of the technology available

Look at JCQ guidance to schools and colleges with regard to the use of assistive technology for access arrangements and identify the key points

Consider how to make the necessary applications to enable students to use AT in exams.

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About the trainer

Maureen is a skilled teacher and senior leader with experience in a range of urban, multicultural communities. Her main teaching background is in Language Acquisition and Literacy, having taught modern languages and English for many years, but she has expertise in the power of vocational and technical qualifications to inspire young people and give them opportunities to achieve and a passion for developing the use of assistive technologies in order to help students and adults to be the best that they can be. She has worked in several London schools and academies, as well as being part of PiXL (Partners in Excellence) and delivered training workshops and short courses across England and Wales. Maureen currently works as an Advisory Teacher for CENMAC.