An introduction to Widgit’s InPrint 3

CENMAC's Thursday Thirty - An introduction to Widgit's InPrint 3

Recorded: Thursday 4th May 2023

Widgit aids understanding and communication for people who find communication and reading text difficult. Widgit’s symbol set includes over 20,000 symbols and is widely recognised all over the world. Symbols can significantly help people who struggle to communicate, have a learning difficulty, speak English as an Additional Language or who are learning to read.

InPrint 3 enables you to make high quality symbol supported resources easily and quickly saving you hours in preparation. During this presentation, we explore some premade templates and demonstrate how to create and personalise an aided language board, by colour coding cells, personalising symbols and adding your own photographs. We also direct you to some premade resources and success stories that show symbols being used successfully in a range of contexts.

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