Voiceitt2 Accessible Speech Recognition Technology

Recorded: 29 February 2024

In this recording Speech and Language Pathologist Dr Rachel Levy talks about the Voiceitt spontaneous speech-to-text technologies and how individuals with speech impairments can use this tool to better their communication.

In this webinar for professionals, Rachel:
• Describes the communicative functions of our spontaneous speech web app
• Describes the ideal user profile
• Explores different use cases (Special and Regular Education)
• And provides information about how to get started with our accessible technology.

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To learn more about Voiceitt2, please watch the tutorial videos below.

Also, listen to this AT podcast and watch this Equal Inspired video podcast to learn more about the Voiceitt journey. Please let me know if you’d like me to do a webinar for anyone in your network or if you are interested in pursuing research with us.

If you have any technical concerns while using Voiceitt products please contact customer support on email: support@voiceitt.com.

Please note Voiceitt complies with international and domestic (US) data management, protection, and privacy standards and regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, and COPPA. We use voice recordings to recognize the user’s individual speech patterns, train our machine learning algorithms, troubleshoot, analyze, and improve our products and services, and tailor our services to the user’s needs and the needs of other users. These are anonymized / de-identified and become part of our anonymous voice database. The user also has the right to request that we delete their personal data, per our privacy policy.