Joe and I were very pleased that Toby Seriki was able to conduct Zoom sessions using Splash to perform maths exercises with Joe.



Joe has very limited hand movement and cannot write or draw. He can use a computer but very slowly and needs assistance. A lot of his maths work, especially geometry, requires Splash for drawing shapes, plotting graphs, circles, measuring angles etc.

Splash takes a bit of getting used to and Mr Seriki is obviously very experienced and capable at using it.

By taking Joe through these exercises “live” on screen, Joe was highly engaged because now he knows that he could do this himself with help, which is not always the case when he is watching someone write or draw by hand. By using Splash, the maths working is also considerably clearer to Joe than hand drawing and writing.

We very much hope that Mr Seriki can continue to support Joe in this way, and also to support Joe’s LSAs at school to coach them in setting out maths (and other graphical work e.g. science, geography) questions in Splash. When conditions permit, we also hope that Mr Seriki can visit Joe at school to coach him in using Splash and other applications for maths.

– Parent of Joe, September 2020