Reading Avenue:
An Avenue to Successful Reading for All


Support all your students in becoming readers with this accessible and comprehensive foundational literacy curriculum. Delivered free with Boardmaker Online, Reading Avenue empowers teachers to deliver comprehensive instruction that includes the foundational instructional routines that address language, literacy, and communication in an integrated comprehensive, accessible and differentiated manner – all without deep knowledge or extensive training.

Reading Avenue follows a path that builds foundational literacy skills with engaging topics and interactive instruction that is provided in three differentiated levels for all beginners. It was designed to engage students in language-driven literacy instruction while providing an implementation model for teachers that is intuitive and easy to execute.  It has bundled lessons with predictable instructional routines and teacher guides providing the what, how, why, and when of instruction that helps students connect their knowledge of language and literacy in ways that mutually reinforce each other.

This interactive programme can be used on Windows, MAC or iPads and is completely accessible to all learners as it can be accessed through a range of methods including, touch, mouse, switch scanning and eye gaze.  Students work through eight units covering a range of popular and interesting topics from habitats to the solar system and animals to plants. With these units are 1,000 pre-made activities to engage students in reading, writing, sound, letter and word play, 120 books to build comprehension and vocabulary, printable lesson plans, parent letters, and communication supports.  There are also data collection opportunities allowing teachers to monitor student progress before, during, and after instruction.

Watch the video to learn more about Reading Avenue. Please be aware while the video shows the American version, this curriculum and all the resources have been localised for the UK! We would also like to invite you to come and hear more about this programme, get hands on with it and get an extended trial for your school by attending a free 3 hour Getting Started with Reading Avenue session at Richard Cloudesley School in Islington on the 2 March 2020.

For more information and to sign up please visit: Also feel free to contact me for more information at

Text (c) Tina Voizey, Education Manager Tobii Dynavox UK & Ireland

SCreen grab of reading avenue

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